How do I wear a sarong?

So far there are two styles of sarongs I've made. The one with the stretchable elastic band can be worn two ways: either around the waist or pulled up around the bust as a strapless dress. Both ways are typically worn at home. Think of it as PJ's. 

The other sarong with the self tying ribbons and coconut shell buckle has a high slit on one side, allowing your leg to stick out. This can still be worn at the house or it can be worn out casually. Wrap the sarong around the waist and securely tie it to one side. I also imagine the high-slit skirt to be worn as a coverup at the beach. 


How often do you ship?

Restocks are often done on a Saturday night. All orders placed following restocks will be shipped out the following Monday. All future orders ship around 2-3 days, most times even shorter. 


How often do you restock?

Lately it's been a battle to obtain sarong fabric. Everything comes from overseas and the global pandemic doesn't help with shipping time either. The Sarong Company is still very new. I've done a restock once a month and hope to keep this pattern going in the future at the very least. 


Some sarongs cost more than others but they are the same style. Why?

If you see a significant markup in pricing it just means I've paid more for that particular print. Chances are this fabric is very unique. And gorgeous. And tempts me to keep it for myself. 


Will you get more of that (insert color) fabric?

Currently I am experimenting and testing the waters with different vendors. So far, all of the fabric I've obtained has differed from each other. There have been no two that are alike, nor can I find a duplicate print for any of them. Although it is disheartening to see a beautiful print go with uncertainty that it will restock, rest assured that there are many more prints to come and that I am working on having duplicates. With that being said.. if you see something you have to have, go get it before it's gone!


Will you be making masks?

Although they are highly requested, they are not my number one on my list. Remember, TSC started off as a creative project and just that. I am one person working alone so I do want to stay creative and masks just don't inspire me. However, once I do get some down time I may cave in and try to learn something new and create a mask or two.. or three.. as of right now it's still up in the air. 

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